Dieter W. Ewerth

I'm 66 years old, male, not married (but not vacant) and I live in Holzwickede, Germany. Holzwickede is a small town (pop. 18.000) in the western part of Germany. The next large city is Dortmund . Downtown Dortmund is only 5 miles away. Our geographical position is 51°N and 7°E at an alt. of 430 ft between the Ruhr-Area (Ruhrgebiet) and the hills of the Sauerland in North Rhine-Westphalia. App. 80 miles southwest of Holzwickede is the city of Cologne. Holzwickede has 3 Twin Cities: Colditz (Saxonia, Germany), Louvriers (France) and Weymouth and Portland (UK). About the history of Holzwickede you can find here (in German only):

blue: Europe; yellow: Germany Germany

The first 28 years of my life I was a resident of Hamburg (twin town of Chicago, IL, USA) in the northern part of (old West-) Germany.

Here are some internet-locations of my home (sorry, but only in GERMAN)

Holzwickede , Unna County , state government of North-Rhine-Westfalia

My daily newspaper: Hellweger Anzeiger

I'm no member of a political party and treasurer in the "Verein Begegnungsstätte Seniorentreff Holzwickede e.V." since April 01, 2017

Some of my friends are in the internet, too:

Hubert Köppelmann (with some tips for computer-education (in german))

Manfred Stattkus (†) earlier: (Informations to Monteverdi)

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