Dieter W. Ewerth

I'm interested in

Macintosh, USA and Railroad

Since over 20 years I work with Apple Computern (Apple IIc, Macintosh SE/30, Powerbook 100, Performa 630, Performa 6200, PowerMacintosh G4/867, Powerbook 1400cs with G3-Upgrade, MacMini, Power Mac G5 DualCore 2,3 Ghz Double Lay, iMac Intel Core 2 Duo 2,8 Ghz and now a MacMini 2,6 GHz Intel Core i7).
Also iPad and iPhone.

I'm enjoyed to make a ride with a railroad or to see a model railroad.

My greatest interest is in the US. The following map shows the states I already visited on my 5 trips. I made a difference between the states with hotels and such I saw only by car or at an airport.


My preferred hotel-chains are: Best Western and Holiday Inn .

Tip: I like the stores of Sharper Image .

In July/August 2007 I made a trip with Queen Mary 2 from Hamburg to New York and returned the same way. Here, you'll find pictures.

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